Asset Management

The Phoenix Group Canada asset management solution is designed to provide a comprehensive program based on a combination of services that will provide our clients with the information required to manage their business efficiently. The services included in this solution are as follows:

Inventory Tracking Services

Our asset management solution has been developed to track and report on all inventory (serialized and non-serialized) by location, including both deployed and non-deployed inventory. Our solution allows for us to track inventory right to the merchant level with the ability to view the various status changes throughout the devices history.

Our system can also track repair history per serial number and link the information back to past service or even the merchant site. We have developed complaint, fault and work performed codes to further enhance our asset management services.

Equipment Recovery (Call Tag) Services

Upon request, TPG Canada can provide return package services to recover equipment from cancelled or terminated merchants. TPG Canada will ship return packaging, along with a pre-paid, pre-addressed return waybill and return notification form direct to the merchant to recover equipment.

Warranty Handling Services

Our warranty handling program was designed to provide an efficient and cost effective way to manage warranty devices. We can track warranty information by serial number and manage all aspects of the warranty repair process. Under this program all warranty devices would be cleaned and tested by TPG Canada to determine if the fault found is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. For devices requiring warranty repair, TPG Canada can deal directly with the manufacturer’s warranty repair depot to obtain RMA numbers and turnaround times.

Management Information Services

TPG Canada’s asset management software can create a database unique to customer’s specific management information requirements and subsequently provide a variety of detailed reporting options.
The client typically defines report content and frequency. TPG Canada is prepared to review our client’s specific management information requirements to develop an agreeable report schedule.

At a minimum, TPG Canada's customers will receive the following reports:

Asset Management Reports
  • Inventory Reports - Serialized & Non-Serialized (deployed & non-deployed)
  • Merchant Install Report - Serialized inventory installed at merchant locations
  • Call Tag In-transit Report - Tracking return equipment by merchant & serial number)
  • Warranty Handling Report - Serialized inventory serviced by warranty depot)

All of the above features combined allow TPG Canada's customers to make logical and informed decisions regarding the effective use and support of their equipment.


Our software has been custom designed to manage all of our customer assets, including serialized and non-serialized. We have the capability of tracking all inventory by location so you know where your assets are at any given time.

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