Distribution Services

The Phoenix Group Canada offers various forms of distributions services to meet our customers every need.

Our distribution services can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Overnight Deployment (New Merchant Setup)
  • Overnight Replacement (Advanced Exchange)
  • Field Services

Overnight Deployment

TPG Canada’s Overnight Deployment solution was designed with flexibility to meet our customers service requirements. Our clients can rest assured that TPG Canada is managing their deployment business with quality and customer service in mind.

Kit Staging & Distribution Services

From TPG Canada’s facility in Mississauga, equipment can be staged along with accessories and supplies in a variety different kit options. During the staging process, equipment can be tested, downloaded and configured with merchant specific parameters. Additionally, TPG Canada will pre-assemble kits in a plug-n-play configuration, making it ready to use right out of the box.

Once equipment is staged and packaged, TPG Canada will ship the kit same-day directly to merchants for next day delivery.

Replacement Services

Once equipment has been successfully deployed to merchants, the job of keeping them operational becomes critical. This is where TPG Canada’s replacement services can provide prompt swap/exchange of defective equipment to ensure our customers and their merchants remain as productive as possible.

Overnight Replacement Services

TPG Canada can provide prompt national advance exchange services, in which spare equipment would be shipped overnight via express courier directly to merchants. All replacement equipment will be tested, configured and downloaded prior to packaging. Included in each replacement kit is a pre-paid, pre-addressed return waybill and return notification form outlining instructions to the merchant on how to return their defective equipment.

Once equipment is staged and packaged, TPG Canada will ship the kit same-day directly to merchants for next day delivery.

Call Tag Services

Upon request, TPG Canada can provide return package services to recover equipment from cancelled or terminated merchants. TPG Canada will ship return packaging, along with a pre-paid, pre-addressed return waybill and return notification form direct to the merchant to recover the above mentioned equipment.

Field Services

TPG Canada has established an on-site service network that currently services the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). TPG Canada has the ability to dispatch a skilled technician to go to any merchant location to perform specialized services, such as new installation, replacement and troubleshooting.

New Deployments

TPG Canada’s field service technicians can deliver new and/or used equipment to merchant locations for new installs and setups. Once onsite, the technician can install the hardware for the merchant as well as walk them through a scripted training session to review common functionality as well as simple maintenance procedures.


TPG Canada’s onsite replacement program was designed to minimize the overall downtime a merchant may experience with a defective or faulty device. Our field service technicians can deliver replacement equipment directly to merchants within 4-hours of the request. Once on-site, the technician would replace the defective hardware or complete minor functionality repairs to the existing equipment onsite and ensure the merchant is fully operational prior to leaving the site. The technician will then close off the call with the help desk and return any defective hardware to TPG Canada for service.


TPG Canada’s systems are capable of generating many different types of customized distribution reports for our clients. Some of the reports include:

  • Orders Shipped
  • Pending Shipment
  • New Deployment
  • Replacement
  • Field Service